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SINCE 2008

Founded in 2008, Mystic Island Winery plants five Bordeaux varieties of vines and launched its first vintages in September 2019: Yihu Red Wine 2018 and Yihu Chardonnay White Wine 2018. Both wines have received multiple awards including the International Wines and Spirit Competition and the Asia Wines and Spirit Awards. We sell our own branded wines and welcome OEM customers. We also provide hospitality services to visitors to the Qiushan Valley Wine District in Shandong where the winery is located. The mission of the winery is to engage with the local farming industry and to encourage regional development by attracting young talent. The winery aims to promote the wine district, develop the tourism industry in China, and to participate in and advocate for cultural exchange.

WE ARE a boutique winery
We make fine wines

Our current grape varieties are Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

Our Vineyard

Our viticulture expert is from New Zealand.  
The soils of the Qiushan Valley are derived from the ubiquitous granite bedrock. Ranging from coarse gravels over bedrock, through to moderately fertile sandy loams, there is a noticeable variation in soil type within the valley.
Mystic Island Vineyard covers 16.16 hectares. The current planted vineyard area is 8.84 hectares with an average yield of 4,352 kg per hectare.
The Mystic Island Vineyard is organised as a series of terraces, taking advantage of the differences in soil features within the valley. The soil is a coarse granular sand with granite as the parent material. It has very low organic matter which is suitable for high quality wine production. When establishing the vineyard, existing topography and soil variations were utilized, and 172 unique plots of terraced fields were identified and developed. The gentle sloping terrain provides excellent drainage and natural breezes, but requires more manual labour due to the limitations of the terrain and topography. The varied soils of the Mystic Island Vineyard create unique parcels of fruit with different characteristics that add complexity to the resulting wines.

Our Winery

Our chief winemaker is from New Zealand.
The Mystic Island Winery’s gross floor area is 8,528 Square meters. The total capacity of the winery is 96 tons, and the small stainless-steel fermenters with temperature-control range in size from 1000 litres to 6000 litres, which are perfect for fermenting small vineyard plots.
A state-of-the-art automatic temperature control system on the stainless-steel tanks and in the barrel room provides total temperature control during fermentation and storage. Selected grapes are de-stemmed without crushing. They subsequently go through the peristaltic pump into the atmosphere presser or fermentation tanks.
From harvesting to bottling, oxygen is strictly controlled at every step. The annual output is about 32,000 bottles at the moment.

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Our Wine